HVAC Repair

What Are the Most Common HVAC Problems?

Below are the 10 most common HVAC problems which homeowners encounter. Before grabbing the phone to call us try to go through the following checklist yourself and see if problem can be resolved.

  1. Lack of maintenance ( Your Furnace or Air Conditioner has not been checked by a certified professional HVAC technician for a while now and needs to be looked after).
  2. Dirty filters (Sometimes the furnace filters are clogged so much that it reduces airflow and chokes the furnace)
  3. Wear and tear (Older inefficient furnaces sometimes experience wear and tear as they have sustained their life expediencies)
  4. Electric Ignition or pilot control problems (Furnace doesn’t ignite, than defiantly pick up the phone and call us)
  5. Malfunctioning thermostat (Try to reset your thermostat to original manufacturer’s setting and restart your system)
  6. The furnace doesn’t heat at all (Cold air flows through the duct work system. Try to reset your furnace to off and on mode)
  7. The furnace doesn’t heat enough (It maybe an airflow issue with the furnace. Try closing up some vents in areas you don’t use often. It maybe that your furnace size is inaccurate for the size of your home)
  8. Frequent cycling (Again inaccurate furnace size, or airflow issue)
  9. The blower continuously runs (Check your thermostat’s setting. If it is set to ON Mode it will continuously run, unless you set it to auto)
  10. The furnace is too noisy (Definitely pick up the phone and call us)

Are you having a furnace problem! 8 Most common questions with furnace breakdowns.

furnace not working blowing cold air

gas furnace not working

furnace not igniting

how do you reset your furnace?

furnace will not turn on with thermostat

gas heater not working in house

furnace not turning on automatically

how do you know if the furnace is working?

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